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Hospital Messed Up

Hi all,

I've posted a bit before about my colposcopies, AGUS cells, and adenocarcinoma in situ. I'm not sure where else to turn to get an opinion, so although possibly slightly off topic I want to see if anyone had a thought.

I was supposed to have my LEEP/Cone Biopsy to remove the glands with the adenocarcinoma in situ (well, what they could. They can't reach them all without rendering me unable to carry a baby) on June 27th. My last appointment to prepare for this was about 2 weeks ago when they were telling me what I could and could not do starting from that day (no medication, no alcohol, fasting the day of and a full day before surgery).

I was told to call the day before surgery to get the time. When I called today, at first they had difficulty finding my medical records and when they called back 20 minutes later, they had no record of my surgery being tomorrow. Instead, they said it was on the 15th of July. Oddly enough I had received an automated phone call a couple weeks ago saying I had an appointment at the hospital on July 15th  and I called back unsure of what appointment I could have had (I used the hospital for my annuals, dermatology, etc.). They said nothing was on the schedule for the 15th, all they had was my surgery the 27th and my follow up a month later. All my paperwork from the hospital confirms June 27th.

I'm absolutely fuming about this (on top of that, I was absolutely starving from the fast). Going to an oncologist and having surgery is terrifying under normal circumstances. To find out that the hospital had difficulty finding my records (isn't this computerized?) then mixed up the date of my surgery is completely unnerving. I want these cells out of my body NOW.

What would you do? I think for me, this might be a deal breaker and I want to start looking for a new gynecologic oncologist at a different hospital. This hospital; however, is far and beyond the best in my area for gynecologic oncology. A new doctor means a host of new appointments plus my surgery will likely be months away. But I can't help but feel these mistakes are too much for my comfort.

Any thoughts? This is a surprisingly difficult topic to google.
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