dark_blue44 (dark_blue44) wrote in vaginapagina,

Not sure if I'm on my actual period

I submitted an entry on Sunday about bleeding after rough sex. To give backstory, I had sex Saturday with my boyfriend twice during the day. A few hours later, I noticed a bloody discharge when I wiped. Since then, I've had what sea to be kind of a light period up until today and still going.

Rest of this may be TMI. I'm on HBC (previfem) and my "scheduled period" should have happened yesterday or today. The bleeding I'm experiencing isn't like my normal flow. Enough to need a tampon but not NEARLY as much as usual at all by any means. Consistency is lighter too... Some bright red, pink, brownish at once. More... watery than usual?

Last time I had sex was about 13 days ago (not counting this past Saturday) and we used a condom and my boyfriend never ejaculated. We stopped because neither of us were really feeling it. And before that was in April. I had a normal period in May and April.

I took a home pregnancy test last night that read negative but I'm still so worried and nervous. I've been googling way too much and convinced this is somehow implantation bleeding or something. I've had cramping last few days.

If anyone has any thoughts on this, please let me know. Thanks!!!!
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