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Period 10 days late- brown discharge, some cramping, no other symptoms?

I have never missed a period since I first started menstruating 16 years ago. This month, my period is 10 days late. It usually comes around the 13th and this month it has not come at all! I had unprotected sex on the 10th. It was unplanned (it was an ex bf) so I did not have condoms on hand but figured since my period was due in a couple days anyway and I figured there was no way I was ovulating. He pulled out before ejaculating.
On the 15th I thought for sure I was going to get my period. i had cramping, but nothing... I started getting concerned around the 18th. I have had some minor cramping but still no period. I took a first response pregnancy test on the 20th and it came out negative.
After finding posts about women who kept getting negative pregnancy tests and didn't know they were pregnant until an ULTRASOUND found it MONTHS later, i of course, started getting freaked out.
I started drinking parsley tea to try to get my period to start, only a cup a day for three days though.
Around the 21st i felt some tiny pains on the right side of my lower abdomen that would come and go.
On the 22, I started getting some brown discharge (I guess you can call it spotting?) that was so light, it only occasionally shows up when I wipe. I still have this discharge. I went to the dr's office today and she said it was either stress or pregnancy. Stress is understandable since I have been a little stressed lately (a lot of stuff going on careerwise) but it is crazy to me that it would affect me like this since I have NEVER missed a period in my life, have never been THIS late, and have NEVER spotted for several days like this. In fact, I RARELY spot, and the only times I remember ever spotting was
1- the first month I EVER got my period
2- back in February and or March the day RIGHT before my period.

I don't have any other symptoms. I'm not any more tired than usual, no nausea, I don't have sore boobs, I don't even have cramps anymore.

But after reading all these horror stories (or i guess they see it as "miracles" of women who were pregnant and kept testing negative and had to have an ultra sound months later to find out they were pregnant) I feel like even if i get a negative blood test result, I am still going to be freaking out.

has anyone ever experienced this before? Did anyone get a diagnosis as to WHAT was causing the lack of a period and brown discharge, if it was not pregnancy?

If i get a negative result on my blood test, would getting a pap smear show for sure if i am pregnant or not, or would i need a vaginal ultrasound?

I pretty much use condoms religiously and the one time I don't this happens :(

I never planned to have biological children (if anything, i would adopt) and i am so terrified of being one of those women who keeps getting negative test results and doesn't find out till they're in the second trimester :(. And after reading stories of birth control pill babies and condom babies, I am starting to realize that sex is not for people like me, who don't want biological children :(

Update: Started spotting more yesterday and officially got my period today (13 days late!). Pregnancy blood test results were negative! Will update again if i find out why this happened.
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