Fluidmotion_ (fluidmotion_) wrote in vaginapagina,

missed a pill.. but I'm not sure when..

Eek! I went to take my pill just now and noticed that I am not on the right day. I missed a pill.. but I don't know when I missed it!

I think there's a good chance it might have been last night, but honestly I can't remember. I'm on the first week (today is day 8) into the new pack, and I had some of that brownish sludgey blood today (not a whole lot, though) and mild cramping. I took two pills right away when I noticed.

I'm on a generic pill, with levonor-something 0.15 and ethinylestra-whatever 0.03.

The last time I had sex was one week ago. Should I be ok in terms of pregnancy? Also - should I be using back-up for 7 days?

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