patchworkorange (patchworkorange) wrote in vaginapagina,

Has BC Information Changed with the Times?

Hi all,

This is kind of spawned by the last community entry...but more from a combined lump of several of that "type" of question asked here. This is not at all about any specific person, but more a specific topic. I hope no one takes offense.

Is it possible that with the change in BC and how it's dispensed in these more "liberal" times (when I was a kid, I needed a doc appt, pelvic exam etc in order to get the pill) that the information that comes with it has been diluted?

When I got the pill I knew that I was protected and didn't need backup but this community has shown me that it seems birth control pill users now, aren't necessarily sure and aren't sure about placebo week etc.

This is not referring to STD protection...this is specific to pregnancy. But bottom line, has the change in times led to a change in the quality of birth control information?
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