phantom_mortica (phantom_mortica) wrote in vaginapagina,

Some Serious Help Please!!

I am having some vaginal pain that started four days ago. It has progressively gotten worse and it feels like a pressure inside of my vagina and the outside labia area is also very sensitive and painful to the touch. There is a significant amount of clear discharge also. I have never had anything like this before, but it might be a yeast infection judging by the symptoms? I have been regularly sexually active so I am also worried it might be some kind of STD? Maybe I am just overreacting?

Here's the problem. I am currently traveling abroad in a foreign country, I have no insurance back home, and I have no traveler's insurance so I have no way of going to a doctor to make sure. (I am from the States and am currently traveling in the UK).

This began the night before I was to leave for my trip to the UK. The entire day before I had been suffering from a fever, fatigue, pressure behind my eyes and pretty much what I assumed was a result of the previous two weeks I had spent planning this trip. I had so much going on and I was getting very little sleep so I had just assumed the fever and sickness were part of stress. Then, that night, I began getting vaginal discomfort, but I just dismissed that as part of the stress and forgot about it. I was traveling for literally 24 hours and the entire time I dealt with the fever and the vaginal pain got worse. Finally, the fever went away once I arrived in the UK, but since then the vaginal pain has still been there. Because the fever went away completely, I am thinking it probably WAS just the stress, especially the stress of such a long travel?

For the past three days I've been in the UK, I have been dealing with the pain, but I don't think this is going to go away on its own and I am not returning back to the U.S until a couple of months!! I am really nervous and am not sure what to do especially since I don't have insurance and I have no idea how to go about seeing a doctor here without having it cost me a crazy amount. Can someone please help me? :(
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