vcantab (vcantab) wrote in vaginapagina,

Numb clitoris - barely any sensation?


I've had a problem - for several years now - to which I've never gotten a satisfactory answer. My clitoris is almost completely numb to the touch; I can get aroused, but touching it yields little-to-no sensation until I've been going at it for a while: 40-ish minutes or so at the least. Even then, my pleasure is diminished, and my orgasms are lame.

And after I have an orgasm, I have to wait at least a few days before I'm able to have another. If I try too early, things are still "desensitized" from that previous session.

The strange thing is that everything else is there. I get wet, my clitoris is hard, my legs shake...the physiological reaction, it seems, is all there. I just can't *feel* the actual pleasure.

I have no idea what's up. I've never seen a gynecologist about it, nor have I discussed it with my PCP.

Now, I have a hypothesis, which is likely going to sound silly. I noticed my numbness not long after I started using ... uh ... back massagers on myself. (Yes, run-of-the-mill back massagers from Brookstone. I wasn't old enough to get a real vibrator.) I did it quite frequently. So...could it have been that? Anyone have an answer?

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