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Lower left abdominal pain? (updated)

Hello! I'd like to ask about your opinions about this... I've been experiencing pain in my lower left abdomen - below the belly button, left side. It appeared suddenly on Saturday morning and my mother brought me to a doctor, but the pain already subsided by the time I got there, so he only gave me antibiotics and pain reliever. Afterward, I went somewhere with my mother and the pain appeared again, so she brought me to ER and I ended up getting hospitalized.

They already ran USG, blood, and urine test but they couldn't find anything wrong. But the pain was there - it was like my insides were being twisted around. The nurse gave me painkillers but they didn't work. >: On the third day I got better, there was only twinges of discomfort in my lower left abdomen, and the internist gave me the a-okay to go home.

When I arrived at home, the pain appeared again! This time it's almost as bad as the first time - I couldn't even walk. I tried Googling my symptoms and found that the possibility could be endometriosis, cysts, infection - but I'm not sure... That's why I decided to ask you guys about this.

I'll try to summarize with bullet points, and add some details, to make it easier to read. :)

  • Lower left abdominal pain

  • Got better after urinating

  • Frequent urinating (and I'm balancing this with drinking a lot of water)

  • Painful (like twinging ache) when walking, urinating, and passing gas

  • Bloating

  • No comfortable sleeping position as I get twinges of pain in whatever position I try

  • Can't inhale deeply - uncomfortable pressure on area of lower rib cage

  • Sometimes I feel my temperature raised.

  • USG, blood and urine test didn't show anything wrong except raised white blood cells - which means there could be an infection, but the internist didn't tell me anything other than that. >:

  • I'm having my checkup tomorrow morning - hopefully he can find out what's wrong.

Any of you ever experienced something like this? I really hope it's nothing serious...

ETA: My internist checked me today and sent me to a gynecologist. She ran Ultrasound scan on my stomach and then through my colon. Turned out there's a clotting around my ovary - the gyn said that it could be because of my irregular menstrual cycle - the discharge of blood that didn't come out clotted instead... at least that's what I understand from what she explained to me. It affected the organs around the reproductive organs, hence the pain when I do pretty much everything (I'm so much better now, though!). She prescribed me meds and told me check up again in two weeks. I got scolded since I didn't check my irregular menstrual cycle, oops. :p (Sorry for any unclear explanation, I'm not really confident with my English.) Thank you to everyone who responded! <3
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