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Libido is extinct within a week, NO HBC

Hello! I am not finding much information on this topic in the Vulvapedia, tags or archives because most posts having to do with libido are tied with HBC. Please point me in the right direction if this is repetitive. This isn't really an "Am I pregnant?" post but as my mother always says, "the only way to be completely sure is to completely abstain." Which I don't, so onward.
  I am nineteen years old and sexually active. I do not use HBC, never have and do not plan on using it in the future. My fiance (a male) is currently very far away so the last sexual encounter I had was on June 6th. I chart my cycles normally but have not charted since I started to bleed on the 24th of May. When we were together we relied on condoms (male and female) and pull-out method at the same time. We don't always use pull-out, just around times when I suspect or know for sure I am ovulating or about to ovulate.
  The reason I write is that on Monday of last week (8 days ago) things really started to decline in the libido department. Usually I'm a 2-3 times a day sort of person and the rest of the 20 hours of the day I'm just holding back so I can do productive things with my life. It has been this way consistently at least for the last three years and I consider my relationship with sex (independently and with a partner) to be very healthy. Starting last Monday my interest in getting off started to declined significantly. By about Wednesday I went the whole day without thinking about it and was only reminded when prompted by my partner. That is ODD for me. By the weekend not only was I not interested but I didn't want it, like at all. Weird. Yesterday (Monday) I felt very confident that I wouldn't be able to reach an orgasm even if I wanted to, which I didn't. Today I feel even more confident in being unable to orgasm even if I wanted to, and I still don't. It's like a dead zone down there. I believe today is day three with no orgasms and the last time I had one it felt forced and weird. The fact that I don't remember the last one speaks volumes.
  Other weird things: increased white discharge. There's a lot of it, everybody. Last week I could feel it pour out when I was standing. This week it is a bit drier and continuing to get drier, more sticky and chunky with no abnormal smell or itch. I tried to put my DivaCup in yesterday in case I started  bleeding during class like I normally do and even though I was slick with this white discharge it hurt horrifically bad to put it in. I got it in half way and popping it open hurt so bad I had to pull it out. I was still sore this morning. That was very odd. Also, my breast have been sore for like a week and a half. This is unusual for me. I have never had sore breasts for more than 3 days before I start to bleed. I am suppose to start bleeding between today and Sunday. My cycles vary but even Sunday would be stretching it.  I plan on testing between Sunday and Tuesday if I do not bleed.
  Any ideas? Pregnancy is the only thing I can think of that would cause this much of a shift in hormones in such a short period of time. If you have been pregnant, any experience with things like this? I am not under any unusual emotion, mental or physical stress. My health is wonderful. Nothing major in my every day life has changed. My relationship is wonderful, better than I can imagine most of the time. Please help me pull my vagina out of the dumps!

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