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Periods changed after second pregnancy

Hi VPers!

I've been following here for a couple of years, and sometimes even commented but I don't think I've ever posted here, so before I get to the issue at hand, let me thank you all for being such a great, open minded and loving community!

Now for what's bothering me.

I've had my second child in November (both births vaginally, both kids breastfed fully for six months and then slowly substituted with regular food, first kid self-weaned at 22 months, second one is still mostly nursing, almost three years between them).
I got my periods back abouth two months after giving birth (as was the case with the first child). Both times I got a copper IUD inserted about that same time. But while after the first pregnancy my periods weren't much different from before (very regular with 28 days in my cycle, never more than a day earlier or later, heavy bleeding, (almost) no PMS, co cramps since I started using a cup, would last for 5-6 days with two heavy, a medium and 2-3 weak days). Really, my body worked like a clockwork for most of my life.

Now, with my second pregnancy everything has gone havoc. The first period was like the ones i was used to, the next three where so weak that I wasn't sure if that was it already or not - barely more than spotting. The fourth period came 10 days early, and it was the heaviest I've yet experienced in my life. Talk about emptying my 30ml cup hourly and still overflowing all the time, soaking through the backup liner.

The current one is the strangest yet - it's a good two weeks late, I've been spotting on and off for most of those two weeks, I've been cramping occasionally for the last two days and got slightly irritated because I'm also PMSing like crazy (another thing that has changed: after never experiencing PMS symptoms for most of my life now after the second pregnancy I can suddenly understand where the bad PMS-mood-swings jokes come from). Now the spotting has picked up a bit to a very light flow.

What is wrong with me? Is it normal for period behavior to change so significantly after birth? What are your experiences?
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