a collection of modern verse (anthologie) wrote in vaginapagina,
a collection of modern verse

Swimming & irritation

I just started swimming again after many many many years away from it (not counting doing a weekly class with my toddler, which didn't quite count because I was just standing in the water holding her). Now, after every swim (and for several days after), my vagina/interior vulva feels a little itchy and irritated. I don't have unusual discharge or any odd odors. The mucous membranes don't feel irritated to the touch; it's mainly when I'm doing about my day that I notice it.

I'm not sure whether this is my mucous membranes being overly sensitive to the chemicals in the pool, or whether it's the beginnings of a yeast infection. The main thing is, I'd like to avoid it if possible and am wondering if anyone has any tricks. I'm already getting my swimsuit off right after I get out of the water, and am changing back into my regular clothes. My partner has (jokingly!) suggested slathering up with vaseline before I get in the pool, but a) ew and b) that sounds like it could introduce other problems down the road.

I got this a little bit when I was doing my daughter's classes, but much less. I suspect it may be in part because I kept my legs closed, and in part because my hormone balance was different -- she was still breastfeeding then.

I am recovering from an ankle injury and am desperate to exercise in a way that keeps me off my feet. For other reasons, bicycling isn't a great option for me, so swimming is kinda it for now. I'd love any suggestions you have.
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