hikari87 (hikari87) wrote in vaginapagina,

My period did a weird thing

So a couple weeks ago, my last period, I had a weird experience. My period showed up on a Friday night and carried through Sunday like normal; usually it comes either quite heavy for a couple days and lighter for one or two, or medium-heavy for two days and lighter for two or three. This time it did the two days heavy/one day lighter thing. By Monday morning, my flow seemed to have pretty much stopped, and I was only getting the pale brown discharge that I get at the very end. This petered out and I was getting my normal non-period discharge for Tuesday through Thursday, but Friday I started getting quite a lot of dark brown discharge, like I would normally get near the end of my period and hadn't gotten already that time. It continued for two days and then went away leaving me with normal non-period discharge again. I have never had it take a break like that and then come back to finish later, ever, and my cycle's been steady for nearly 13 years. I'm not having sex or taking any kind of hormones, so I have no idea at all what might have caused that. Does anyone else have an idea?
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