thinktink16 (thinktink16) wrote in vaginapagina,

Menstrual product frustrations

Over the course of the last year or so of being on HBC, my periods have gotten lighter and lighter, which have caused all sorts of menstrual product issues. Specifically, I was feeling seriously dried out from using mainstream tampons, which would cause irritation and often yeast infections. I'm not filling them up anymore so they're mostly clear at the end of the day. I decided to try switching from tampons to a cup, so I purchased a small Lunette which I wanted to love SO BADLY, but it's causing a lot of internal urinary pain. (I have serious urinary sensitivities.) I believe my period would be light enough that panty liners would probably be enough to catch it all, but pads/liners also cause serious urinary irritation for me.

What would you suggest my next step would be? I'm going to keep trying the cup for a few more cycles to see if positioning would help with the pee-pain, but I'd like to start exploring other options. I'm starting to look into sponges as a possibility. Thoughts on sponges with very light periods? It's honestly less bleeding now than dark ooze/clots. What about organic, dye-free tampons? Do you think those would cause light flow irritation like my current tampon usage, or would the quality of the material be helpful to maintain non-irritation?

Thanks in advance - what a gem this community is!
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