relight_it (relight_it) wrote in vaginapagina,

Paragard concerns.

I've had a Paragard IUD for seven months, and it's been pretty rough (cramps three weeks every month, spotting/bleeding for half each month), but lately I'm more concerned that it's either misplaced or that something more serious is wrong--IUD embedding in uterine wall, cysts, ectopic pregnancy--I really don't know but something isn't right.

On top of having much too much in the way of bad cramps, I've been having localized pain in what feels like the left side of my uterus, as though the IUD is jabbing the side of my uterus or something else is swelling/hurting there. It's different from the pain I get at ovulation, which alternates between the left and right ovaries and is very specific. It's kind of a dull but constant pain and extreme tenderness. This morning, I woke up and felt extremely nauseous from the pain and feverish/dizzy for several hours. Slight pressure on my abdomen (from my partner giving me a hug) almost made me throw up. My period should have stopped over a week ago but I've been having faint pink spotting and cramps every day.

I'm not sure what's normal IUD-settling-in and what's worrisome. I'm concerned that I'm so used to being in severe pain that I wouldn't be able to distinguish an emergency situation from the random hours of severe IUD cramps I've been having ever since insertion.
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