laceandskin (laceandskin) wrote in vaginapagina,

Should I see a doctor?

I'm a 22 year old sexually active cis-female and my period has me a bit worried this month. I take birth control pills for PCOS and my last cycle lasted 28 days as usual, and my period started on the predicted day, May 30th but it's June 10th and I'm still bleeding! The only time that this happen was when I got my period for the first time ten years ago, most of my periods have been 4-5 days long since I started the pill, with it lasting 8 days at most only once or twice a year.

I'm really starting to worry because I've been more tired than usual and bleeding for so long is starting to interfere with my life. Should I see a gynecologist or see if it happens again to start worrying?

Edit: I also feel pain when I press down on the left side of my pubic bone.
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