maknaeroli (maknaeroli) wrote in vaginapagina,

Severe back pain = cyst? I'm confused!

Hello everyone!

In December of 2012 I started feeling some dull but intense pain in my lower right back, and it started during my period. I thought it was cramps or something related to it for a while, but the pain didn't fully go away after my period ended (I'm also on HBC, and I'm not sure how that would effect it).

So since then, I've had pain in that same lower right back area - the pain is usually where the pants are around your hips/waist, somewhere in that area. It hurts even when I'm not on my period, and even when I go to move around or even take a walk. I noticed, though, that the pain seems to be worse when I'm on my period; I've taken medicine to try to ease the pain but it doesn't always work, and with this last cycle I've found it so painful I've felt nauseous.

I have PCOS, so I'm wondering if this is just a painful cyst or if it's something else? Do painful cysts usually last 6 months like this? Should I be worried?
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