childthursday (childthursday) wrote in vaginapagina,

Itchiness and Chafing

I've got some major, major itchiness going on, on my labia. This makes me think it's not a yeast infection - it's getting warmer and I've been running, so I am thinking it's chafing. I've tried a few home remedies to alleviate it, but it's not going away. So I got some store brand cream today to at least stop the itch. The active ingredients are benzocaine and resorcinol. The thing is, I'm really worried about using it - I'm afraid it might dry things out, which would make the situation worse. What do you all think? Should I use it? Any home remedy suggestions instead? I've been wearing cotton undies, making sure things are dry, and I was thinking about giving garlic a try even though like I said I'm pretty sure it's not a yeast infection.

When I was at the store I saw some Vagisil wipes that seemed to have the same ingredients, which did seem more convenient, but again I was concerned about drying things out. Anyone have any experience? Help!
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