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Preventing Spam with Partial Moderation

Hello, VPers!

As you may have noticed, we've recently had more than a few spam posts consisting of copied-and-pasted text from other sites (often Yahoo! answers) accompanied by a hidden Flash tracking item.

We're not sure what these spammers were trying to do, but we doubt it was anything very pleasant. We've been deleting these posts as we see them, but we were finding it tough to stay on top of things, even with you all helping us by pointing them out over in contact_vp. (Thank you all so much for doing that!) So we've implemented a new solution: Partial moderation of posts. Any posts that have links to sites not on our whitelist will be temporarily held in our moderation queue. If you are in a crisis or other urgent situation (in addition to seeking appropriate real-world resources in your area) your safest bet to make sure your post gets through immediately is not to include outside links.

This does mean that some legitimate posts will be held for approval before they're posted. We're reluctant to have that happen, but all of the maintainers get an email when a post enters the moderation queue, and the process of approving a post is extremely quick and easy, so the odds that anything legitimate would sit for more than an hour or two is very low. Balancing that against the possible harm being done by these strange spam posts, we feel that this is a good solution, but we'd like to know what you think.

Take care,

for the VP Team
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