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Cured my incurable yeast/BV mystery vaginal infection issues..

Im in my early thirties...been dealing with this for years. I cured myself recently, 2 months ago, BUT OMG what a nitemare, long battle. Im having a normal sex life for the first time in my life. Normal Pain free, pleasurable sex with my boyfriend, everyday, anytime I want, and here I thought I would die alone as this has ruined a couple relationships and a MARRIAGE for me. Ive been cheated on, sexually frustrated, thought I was infertile..not being able to function as a women is hard. The psychological impact of this condition is Unimaginable for most people and the worst part about it, is feeling ALONE. I would envy women that wear tight jeans, and underwear, as I was diagnosed with Vulvodynia, (an incurable chronic vaginal pain condition) o man..I couldnt even ride a Bike! 24/7 painful, itching swollen dry uncomfortable AWARENESS of the nether parts, O GAWD, I have post trauamtic shock from what Ive been thru..My story::

I lost my virginity in my early twenties, it started then. Got a raging yeast infection..went to the store, got sum monistat, DID NOTHING..lived with it for 2 years..figured uncomfortable burning itching sex was normal, didnt know any different..seemed to calm down..until I got in another relationship..first couple months, normal sex life, then BAM, another yeast infection..stayed with me for 2 years, thru my pregnancy..then I was given intravenous antibiotics for group B strep, and started eating a healthier diet..including more fruits, vegetables, and vitamin better..4 more years go a yeast infection each and everytime I had sex..started taking acidophilus, folic acid and vitamin E as I started researching more natural alternatives for my reoccuring but not yet CHRONIC problem, (that comes later, the yeasty beast that nothing worked for) was good for awhile, and managed to have a six month long affair with a hot guy, and experienced for the first time, normal, and great sex..then I got sick again..went to the doc, was given Diflucan..been there, done that, does nothing, and it didnt do anything, well lets try sumthing different..lets give this to you back to back for three weeks, took it for 3 weeks straight, three pills..things remained the same naturally..then metrogel..for possible bacterial..did nuthing ofcourse, doctors are worthless..lets go alternative..

long story short:: I did it all. I did the anti candida diet, which was impossible and a nitemare, and ofcourse didnt do anything anyway. I did green smoothies, juicing, probiotics, including femdophilus, and ultimate flora vaginal support several times a day..every kind of vitamin supplement, apple cidar vinegar, coconut oil several tablespoons a day (as I read that cleared up yeast for some women) lemon water, (tons of it) cranberry, azo yeast tablets, yeastrol, three lac, every kind of health food anti yeast supplement you can think of, then TEA TREE OIL suppositories and douches..then other essential oil frozen coconut oil suppositories, (every kind of oil, geranium, lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus) and Boric acid for a year. every day, (which was horrible and made me bleed, it was so drying, and awful, I knew I was doing damage to my reproductive system..I was on OIls every day, sumtimes, three times a day , every day for YEARS. got married, and in the entire marriage, we couldnt have sex normally, not one time. I explained my condition to him early on, and he seemed to understand, but he cheated on me anyway, several times, and then left me...made comments about how disgusting I was, etc, since I smelled like bugspray everytime we had sex, and he was covered with oils from my suppositories..couldnt have oral with him, cuz I always had "stuff" in there, had to suffer with him watching porn and cheating on me, while we "waited for a cure" which was an everyday constant thing for me, my whole life revolved and was consumned by this, it was all I could think about was my burning, itching vagina...put castor oil in there, and vitamin E and A in there aswell, a couple times a day..then betadine douches, 2 times a day for a couple months, as ALL these things made me feel more comfortable, and life more tolerable, but never normal..

as I had forgotten what normal was like??

Garlic cloves, and pills in there, yogurt up in there (ya right) the specially formulated anti yeasts, anti BV homeopathic vaginal suppository kits, always made me feel mildy better, but didnt really cure anything..Inserted super probiotic acidophilus capsules in the vagina, twice a day, for weeks at a time, (not really)..everything, everything, I did everything..I was running out of options, and losing my years long battle to this thing, it had stolen away my life..and prolly ruined my ability to have more children, I was so desperate for a cure..I decided to try an off brand antifungle at CVS..clotrimazole (which is generic for Gyne-Lotrimin) 3 day..never done 3 day before..what the hay..did it felt amazingly better..did a couple more rounds, felt even better but not all the way cured..went to a gynecologist 2 hours out of town, heard good things about her..from my family doctor after once again, giving me a negative vaginal culture, (got thos ALL THE TIME by the way) I would never test out for anything, was always told I was healthy, there's nothing wrong, no yeast, blah blah blah, MAYBE BV, heres a script for flagyl and send me on my way..

she gave me 14 days, (2 tubes of clindesse, or clindamycin cream..sumthing Id never used before) she said usually they give just one tube, but because my case was so long standing..14 days later, it was a answer from God, after all my tears..

But still had some mild itching, so she gave me a refill, did that..still a bit itchy, but felt like a new world was opening up..and I was numb with the realization, after everything I had been thru...

she advised me that because clindesse is antibacterial and an antibiotic cream, I could get a yeasts infection following treatment, and should do a round of antiyeast cream after, as it kills all beneficial flora, etc..

Back to my trusty Gyne Lotrimin 3 day, 3 more boxes of that, to be sure..and I was cured.

Gyne Lotrimin::My research on that..

could not figure out why this worked for me when monistat did nothing..if you read reviews on amazon, and, you will find other women saying the same thing. It clears up infections amazingly, and is the cure for yeast. One women even said her doctor recommended it to her, when the diflucan, terazol, and monistat did nothing.and I think it matters alot, HOW LONG, you do the treatment, as I seemed to get a cure, doing longer, and STRONGER rounds of things, including anti yeast cream. So Gyne lotrimin 3 day back to back, and the clindesse, def more than one tube, I did THREE to be sure..

and Ive even had a bunch of sex with a new boyfriend, and it hasnt come back, i cant believe it.

I still take womens probiotic vaginal support pills everyday,as they helped me stop getting reoccuring UTIs, which is another one of my problems..and I think once you get rid of an infection, probiotics really do help, and are great for you, and I saw other positive changes in my life and health from changing my diet, so that is one good thing I got out of all this.

I still haunt the vulvodynia forums, and websites like I feel scarred from everything Ive been thru.

I cant believe, the cure existed out there, and it took me this long to find out about it.

That I could have just gone to doctor and gotten the RIGHT prescription, and RIGHT cream, and the right AMOUNT, and I could have saved myself a Death sentence..

It also helps me to hear other women who have suffered too, that Im not alone,and Im not insane..and what I just went thru is real, and the sacrifices Ive made are not for nothing..maybe there was a reason..or maybe I just need to feel I am not alone.

I think what it really is all about nowadays in modern medicine, is LONGER STRONGER courses of everything to cure these things, as antibiotic resistence is a problem now. But many doctors are too afraid to over prescribe antibiotic treatments, if they prescribe anything at all) and many times they wont, if you dont culture out.
Ofcourse, it obviously turned out to be an infection...In my research about vulvodynia, it turns out many women, say it just started one day, they developed it over time, another words..they were not born with it, many of them say it started after a course of antibiotics, (as many times, and it is well known, that it causes yeast infections) they tried treating it the conventional way, and it didnt go away..etc, etc..
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