ElectricEff (electriceff) wrote in vaginapagina,

delaying your period for a week? kind of urgent :(

I'm going on vacation in two days and i've got all of the symptoms of PMS that I normally get so I know it's going to come soon, and I have a feeling it'll come right on the day that I leave (this saturday). My work schedule is all over the place so I have no time to get birth control that might put it off for the week. Is there any way I can stop it before it starts or at the very least shorten it or lighten my flow if it comes while i'm away? This is the one time I get six whole days with my boyfriend all to myself. We don't get to have sex much (once a week if we're lucky), I tend to bleed really heavily and have long periods and blood skeeves him out so I have a slim to none possibility of getting laid if it comes. I really don't want to forgo sex the whole time ): any suggestions would be greatly appreciated <3   
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