bluetoesocks (bluetoesocks) wrote in vaginapagina,

I'm a polyamorous mostly-lesbian-but-flexible girl and I have two unrelated questions.

1. I had assumed that most (or all) women had rhythmic contractions in the vagina during/after orgasm, based on my experience with my two previous female-bodied partners and also myself (and also having not heard otherwise), but my current girlfriend doesn't at all.  I haven't asked her about it because I think it would make her self-conscious and I'm only curious so it wouldn't be worth it.  She's definitely having orgasms, but I haven't once felt her do the rhythmic-squeezing thing that I was expecting.  I have only three other people to compare her to so that's not a huge sample size... what do the rest of you say?

2. I'm considering a kind of friends-with-benefits situation with a cool cis-guy I know.  The trouble is I've been really enjoying not having to worry about birth control these last few years- with my other/previous relationships we just get tested for STIs and then go for it because there was no chance of pregnancy.
Back a few years when I was in a relationship with a cis-guy, I was on the pill and never again, it did things to my brain.  Also this would just be a fun thing every once in a while, so I don't want anything for long-term (ie, no IUDs, implants, etc).  But I want to be *safe* (or, as much as possible).  thoughts?


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