Sarah Marie (mangofandango) wrote in vaginapagina,
Sarah Marie

MMMMonday! Video games.

It's MMMMonday! Each Monday, we bring you special, maintainer-curated content intended to enrich your VP experience. Please note that you can find past MMMMonday posts using the "mmmmonday" tag.

Also, a quick reminder about the other places you can find VP: vp_bulletins for local announcements; contact_vp for questions and feedback on the way VP is run; the Vulvapedia for basic questions; and don't forget about our sibling community over on Dreamwidth!

Have you seen Feminist Frequency's videos about women in video games? The second one came out this week, but I'll link to both so you can catch up if you want to: Damsel In Distress Pt. 1 and Part 2. There are transcripts for both if you don't want to or can't watch - and please be aware of the trigger warnings. All that said: what do you think of this series? And...Are any of you gamers? Are there progressive games and characters you're fans of? How about games or characters you like despite their problematic aspects? Do any of you work in the industry? We'd love to hear more - let's talk in the comments!
Tags: featured-posts, mmmmonday
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