prettylyineyes (prettylyineyes) wrote in vaginapagina,

Best way to remove yeast discharge?

I went to the dr today who informed me my vulva is "covered in thrush" and I have to take flucanazole every day for 7 days. My vulva was practically swollen shut and feeling very sore. I now know that I obviously have a lot of build up that is (hopefully solely) causing the pain along my clitoral hood and folds, and I'm wondering what the best way is to remove it when it hurts so badly to touch, and is so swollen it's hard to gain access (lovely!).

I had an epsom salt bath with coconut & tea tree oil earlier and thought that'd be a good way to clear it but I have a very narrow bath tub and was too conscious of getting any water in my vagina, so that failed miserably (it did make my skin feel wonderful though).

I'm thinking the best way would be to use the shower head but as I am so sensitive I'm really worried it'll hurt. She sent a swab off to the lab to test for thrush but said it may be inconclusive as she couldn't get too far in without a speculum, and didn't want to attempt to use one as I was too swollen and sore.

I'm very conscious of only using harmless products of natural origin on my vulva area so if there's anything I can use to help dissolve the yeast or to soften it for easier removal, any naturally sourced suggestions would be helpful.

Should I just accept that it may not be completely painless to remove and keep going? Or should there be a more comfortable way to remove it?

Thanks in advance
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