neumeindil (neumeindil) wrote in vaginapagina,

Need good thoughts, pagers. (Talk of previous abortion services that might be triggering.)

I have endo and cysts. It's been strongly recommended I not attempt to have kids to preserve my health, though I never wanted children of my own anyway. However, between being jerked around at the local clinic, having eventual difficulty with almost every HBC I've used, and having to drive +90 min. to get to a private doctor that takes my insurance, I've been w/out birth control since February.

The pregnancy test I just took came back +. I've made an appt. with Planned Parenthood for tomorrow AM. My managers at work will understand and work with me on scheduling etc., but I'm most concerned that the prescription will work this time, because it didn't before and I had to bump up to a surgical.

Also, anyone here have reliable info about vasectomies for my Other Half? He's even more child_free than me and with the side effects and complications I have on HBC, it seems the best option for us. He's understandably made a little nervous by the idea, and would probably benefit from some more research, preferably WITHOUT the "you're not a man if you're shooting blanks" BS common in popular/social media on the topic.

Thanks Superstars. :)
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