thinktink16 (thinktink16) wrote in vaginapagina,

Breast tenderness

Hello all!

I have a question to raise to the group. I've been on hormonal birth control for about 8 years and on my current brand (Lo-Estrin generic Junel) for about 2 years. Usually, during the week of my period, starting two days before it arrives, my breasts swell slightly and get more sensitive. Normal.

Starting about 5 months ago, I guess, I started to get breast swelling/tenderness in the middle of my cycle. I thought DEFINITELY PREGNANT, but got my withdrawal bleed perfectly on time. When my period wrapped up and the hormones dropped(or rose?), the swelling/tenderness went away. The next month, nothing abnormal happened. The month following, it happened again exactly the same way. Two months later, presently, we've started again. I've almost (...almost...) completely stopped freaking out about pregnancy because it keeps happening, but I'm just curious as to WHY it's happening. I was under the impression that my hormones were completely regulated throughout the month - it doesn't seem to me that there would be a reason that my breasts would be affected in the middle of a cycle if I'm not ovulating. I know sometimes breast swelling/tenderness is a side effect of the birth control, but it's not consistent and, relatively, it JUST started happening - a year and a half after I've been on this brand.

Any ideas about what could be going on in there? They look nice and big right now and all, but I'd rather do without the hurties. :-)
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