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Links Round Up: Week Ending 2 June 2013

Hi and welcome to our latest edition of the Links Round Up!

For folks who don't know, the LRU is a compilation of items from the past week that may be of interest to VPers and is intended to broaden the kinds of conversations we have here.

To submit articles for next week's round-up, e-mail frolicnaked@vaginapagina.com. If you have additional articles you'd like folks to know about this week, feel free to comment directly to this post.

As a reminder, in lieu of trigger warnings, I use keywords describing the themes of the piece. Please skim these before deciding to read the excerpt or click through for the full article. Outside sources are not safe spaces, and mainstream source's comments should almost always be avoided. The links I highlight don't necessarily reflect VP's views, or even my own, for that matter.

This week's round-up includes: the concept of being a "burden on society," health and morality, the myth of the shared female experience, fat child abuse, Jockey's new bra system, and infant sex-assignment surgery.

  1. Burdens on Society by Jo at A Life Unexamined (Keywords: society, class, disability, fat, privilege)
    Who is a burden on society? Well, that’s easy, society tells us. It’s those fat people, obviously, who refuse to just eat healthily and exercise enough and so have all sorts of health problems that make them a burden on the rest of society. It’s those migrants who can’t speak English properly and need special help to get up to speed with how Australia works. It’s those disabled people, who expect the government to just fork out money for fancy wheelchairs just so that they can be mobile – the nerve!

  2. On Health and morality and why it is a lie. by Shannon Barber at Nudemuse (Keywords: health, society, fat, disability)
    Everything from inspirational porn often featuring attractive disabled people doing anything ever to churches to ads to how people discuss it, the appearance of health and fitness has become some sort of faux moral barometer.

    Now if we look at this problem from the perspective that Health* is an absolute linear thing that one can quantify and verify by looking at someone the system is flawed at best and extremely problematic and full of lies at worst.

  3. The Myth of Shared Female Experience and How It Perpetuates Inequality by Mia McKenzie at Black Girl Dangerous (Keywords: feminism, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, class, inequality, sexual assault)
    Let's take for example a well-known issue that affects women--the issue of "equal pay." We've all heard the statistic: in the US, women make 77 cents for every dollar a man makes on average. That sucks. But it's not quite the shared experience it seems. A recent report by the National Partnership for Women & Families shows that black women only make 70 cents for every dollar a man makes on average, and only 64 cents compared to every dollar paid to a white, non-Hispanic man. And Latinas make only 55 cents for every dollar made by a white, non-Hispanic man. Well, damn. That 77 cents never looked so good.

  4. On Fat Child Abuse by Heather at Fat Girl Posing (Keywords: child abuse, fat, bullying, disordered eating, attempted suicide, weight loss)
    Then the assaults. Yes, I was assaulted multiple times. I was beat up, I had two kids, Linda and Jason Rhodes were their names, who used to follow me home from school on their bikes, as I walked, and threw stones and bricks at me. I ignored them thinking it would make them stop and because I didn't know how to face them. It never stopped.

  5. A New Step in Wrestling With the Bra by Stephanie Clifford at The New York Times (Keywords: bras, breasts, bra fitting, body size, Jockey, US)
    Jockey International, a grand old name in undergarments, if a somewhat unglamorous one, has spent eight years developing the new measurement system, which the company says takes into account the shape of a woman’s breasts, not merely bust size. The bras are a mass-market answer to custom fittings that have become increasingly popular in boutiques and high-end department stores.

  6. Carolina Infant's Mistaken Sex Assignment Surgery More Than a Case of Malpractice by Erica K. Landau at The Huffington Post (Keywords: infants, surgery, intersex, informed consent, gender identity, state intrusion)
    Doctors didn't just treat a condition or a disease incorrectly or too hastily. They didn't treat a medical disease at all. The procedure was done without any medical justification whatsoever, as is historically the case with most intersex infants who undergo such operations.

    Instead, they treated a social illness, for which the remedy is making bodies deemed "abnormal" conform to society's strict sex and gender guidelines, and in the process they mutilated a child in their care.

Thoughts on any of these stories? Also, what have you been reading (or writing!) this week?
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