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Planning my period (for lack of a better way to put it)

I'm currently using the Nuva Ring, have been since about 2007, and I had a question about using it this month.

I'm supposed to be getting my period today (it hasn't come yet, but sometimes I get it on Saturdays or Sundays), and because of how my cycle is, I'll be getting it again on the 29th/30th of this month. The problem with that is that I want to have my boyfriend over while my landlords are out of town for a nice romantic weekend *winkwinknudgenudge*

My question is, what would be better in this case; delaying putting the Nuva Ring in for another week, making my next period come on July 6th/7th or taking the old Ring out and putting in a new one right away on the 25th, thus making it so that I don't get a second period this month? I would try to make the period come one week earlier, but I have automatic refills so I don't know if I can get away with that.

I ask about putting a new Ring in right away after taking out the old one because I was informed by a doctor that I could do that, and though I'd never heard that before, it doesn't seem like it would be something awful to do to my body.

Advice please? Thank you!
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