andrea, andy, panda (chicago_doll) wrote in vaginapagina,
andrea, andy, panda

Should I get tested or am I being paranoid?

Hello, I just wanted some advice on this matter. I have a lot of anxiety over STIs and I know that I am irrational at times.

I was tested for STIs in early April and I did not show up positive for anything. Later that month, I had a VERY drunken encounter with a man I didn't know. Both times that we had sex, I made him wear a condom. He pulled it off and handed it to me to throw away both times afterwards. I'm pretty sure that everything P/V was protected, but I am second guessing myself due to my lack of sobriety at the time.

I'm know active with a man I care about. Last night, the condom fell off. We stopped as soon as he noticed. He was tested recently and was not positive for anything. I do worry though that there is a chance that maybe I could have put him at risk.

I'm thinking about receiving free testing next week. I feel bad using up their funding though if I am just being paranoid. Also, is the window period between the end of April and now too early to get decent results? I know that you all can't promise anything, but I would appreciate any insight or advice. Thanks ahead of time :)

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