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adenocarcinoma in situ

Hi everyone,

I posted about a week ago about my situation (AGUS cells, Colposcopy, Etc.). Well, I got the results. It turns out that I have cervical adenocarcinoma in situ. They said they don't see "frank cancer" but want me to meet with an oncologist in June. My understanding is that "adenocarcinoma" means cancerous cells, but the "in situ" means they are limited to just the cervix, and can be removed (my gynecologist said normally they recommend a hysterectomy, but since I'm only 27 with no kids, they will probably remove the cells and I'll just need to be tested every 6 months).

I'm confident everything will okay, but that's not stopping me from Googling non-stop.

Does anyone have any resources they can direct me to? It seems everything I'm finding is on hysterectomy support forums, and if I can avoid that option, I'd like to (certainly I'd rather be alive sans biological kids than dead with fertility in tact). I'd love to meet people who are my age who opted for cone/cold knife/LEEP not a total hysterectomy. It seems that adenocarinoma is relatively rare among cervical cancers, so there isn't much out there. Just wondering if anyone has been through this, can get me more information, etc. while I patiently wait 2 weeks.

Thanks! (please, no pity party. I'm sure I'll be fine. If you feel sad, donate here: :)

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