oopsiedoodles (oopsiedoodles) wrote in vaginapagina,

linea nigra, negative ept?

Hey lovelies, I have some questions and I'm freaking out a bit!

I'm not sure if I'm pregnant or not! (I'm really hoping I'm not)

A few days ago I noticed a very distinct linea nigra (a dark line going down the middle of my abdomen between my bellybutton and my groin). It definitely wasn't there before! I am wondering what it means now.

Background: currently taking Lamictal and Yaz; I'm a perfect pill taker and have not missed any.

April 3: Normal period, had an IUD (paragard) inserted. Continued to take Yaz for PMDD control.
April 8: IUD expelled very painfully and was removed in the ER. They took a pregnancy test with my routine urine analysis and it was negative. Also had a CT scan (normal).
May 1 ish: Normal period. Can't remember the exact days, but I definitely had one.
May 18: "unprotected" sex. Still on the pill though.
May 21: Started amoxcillin for an ear infection.
May 24: Began stacking birth control because I didn't want a period during vacation.
May 25: Noticed a linea nigra.
May 26: Took an EPT with my morning pee; it was negative (read at 5 min).
May 30: Took an EPT with regular pee, still completely negative (read at 5 min).

Could I be pregnant? I'm going to take another pregnancy test tomorrow with my morning pee. I have felt some nausea, but no other classic pregnancy symptoms--and I think the nausea was due to being on a cruise ship in rough seas.

If I did turn out to be pregnant, does anyone know any low-cost clinic resources in NYC / metropolitan area? If I need to have a blood test / ultrasound to check things out / confirm my status I can't use my normal doctor / insurance. My mom uses my patient portal to order medication from the company's mail-order pharmacy; she can see all of my medical information and every single test / bill. If I did turn out to be pregnant I would need a termination and under no circumstances could my family find out about that.

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