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Something a little concerning...

Recently I have been having some issues with my breasts.

The last few months I have been having breast pain. I already know of two cysts (one at three o'clock on my right breast and one at nine o'clock on my left, perfect mirror images) and suspect that I might have two new ones forming. These ones are at one o'clock on the right and eleven o'clock on the left. Again, mirror images. The pain is something I can handle. What I can't handle is the itchiness that has started. The last few days my breasts have been so itchy that it's painful. I'm not reading too much into what I found through Google because that is almost always 'OMG YOU HAVE CANCER!' and I don't need that right now. My thoughts is that it's a combination of many things; I just started using body spray again, I'm sweating like crazy because it's Shanghai and we have a humidex reading of 28 when I wake up most mornings, only to have that spike to 37 by early afternoon, and my bra. Because of sweat and body spray my bra ends up soaked by mid-morning. That is usually when the itchiness is at its worst. My bra is also getting tight. I don't know if I'm going through some odd second growth spurt, but my breasts are growing again. I'm going to be 35 in a month and a half and the last major breast change was when I was pregnant 13 years ago.

So anyway, should I be worried or should I just chalk it up to the combination of things that I listed?

While I'm here I have another question, this time about abdominal swelling and right side pain. For about as long as I have been having breast pain I have been having pain when I ovulate. It's almost always on my right side and always in the same place. A few months ago I noticed that my abdomen would start to swell a little, but this would go away as soon as my period would start. Lately though, I have been looking almost exactly as I did when I was five months pregnant and I'm getting really self-conscious now. I don't know if it's because I'm getting older and my body is changing again or if it could be something else. I have noticed a change in my periods as well. Before, my first day would always be dark, old blood. Second and third day would be a heavy flow, though not enough to completely fill a pad. I could get away with a good four to five hours before needing to change. Fourth day onward would taper to nothing, though what did come out would take on a slightly darker tinge. Now, I have bright red blood from day one. Day two is almost all clotting and pad filling. I can still go three to four hours before needing to change but I have to make sure to wear the super long pads, especially at night. Day three will have some clotting with day four and five being almost nothing. The blood almost always has an old blood look to it, being dark looking. Five months ago on my second day I passed a half uterine cast. Two months after that on my second day I passed a decent sized clot that looked like it also had tissue in it. Since then I have had tiny clots for the second and third day. This last cycle had me waking up because there were so many clots and tissue bits coming out that it was painful. I could feel them all and it woke me up from a deep sleep. I went to the bathroom and the pad was full of blood, but after that it was like I didn't have a period. The rest of my cycle I got away with using smaller pads and liners. I guess this is another "Should I be concerned" question.

Going to the doctor isn't as easy as I'd like. A little background:

34 year old cis-female
13 year old son, delivered by emergency c-section for being footling breech at 33 weeks
Haven't had sex in over eight years so pregnancy is not an issue at all
Early 20s had four abnormal paps with what was reported to be as going from precancerous cell growth (first) to abnormal growth (last)
Last three paps were normal which meant I could go two years between
Last pap was back in November 2010 and I haven't been able to get to a doctor for one because:
Currently living in Shanghai, China
Am allergic to latex and have had a very, very hard time making hospital officials understand that I cannot be touched/examined with anything latex. Latex is still used in hospitals here and latex allergies are almost unheard of. I have had many problems when it comes to blood tests and regular doctors checkups. Most doctors think that I'm faking it. Yes, this has happened and it is not the nicest thing to deal with. Going to the international hospital would mean having to not buy groceries for a month and even then it's not a guarantee that I'll get a doctor who understand about the allergy. Yes, they will speak English but I have had trouble at that hospital as well explaining that the phlebotomist couldn't use latex gloves and that they had to cover my arm to use the touriquet. There is a women's hospital but the staff there does not speak English. I might be able to get someone from my company to come with me but I would have to explain and make her understand why the doctor can't use the gloves when examining me and make sure she tells the doctor the right information. A lot of times the doctors don't think the gloves are a problem.

So yeah, I know I need to get checked out but I'm wondering if I can put it off a little longer or if this is something you lovelies think I should get looked at soon.

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