C:\\World\Crap\Kristina.exe (opaloctober) wrote in vaginapagina,

Extended cycle birth control pills, stacking, breastfeeding, and planned parenthood questions...

So, i'm getting my IUD removed on this comming Wednesday morning. I just can't get over having a non stop period like this. It's been 2 1/2 months and i'm still bleeding, and I can't get used to the fact that theres a piece of plastic where it shouldn't be 24/7...i'm going back on the pill. I'm still breastfeeding so i'll need the progestin only pill (??). In between pregnancies since 2006 i've been on Quasense.I loved it. Are there extended cycle mini pills? Google gives me nada. Is the mini pill stackable??
Also, i'll be going back to planned parenthood to get my Mirena removed, and my OBGYN suggested that I just go ahead and get my BCPs from there as well, rather than driving the 2 hours there for a visit to her. What happens when you get birthcontrol from PP?? Do they give a prescription for them like my OBGYN would? Also, if they do, will my insurance fill the script if I stack them?? J/W...

Any help?

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