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ECP Messing up Cycle

Hi, I'm currently about 8 days late for my slightly irregular period. My cycles are 30-32 days long, and I should have started between the 15th and 17th. I did take EC roughly mid-cycle (last period was April 16th-21st) on the 27th (I think, give or take a couple of days). I bled mildly for a couple of days, with no cramping or nausea or anything like that. My boyfriend and I had sex again roughly May 10th. We try to use condoms, but occasionally use the pull-out method. We know the risks. We've discussed that it's not a perfect system and that there is a chance of pregnancy. My body does not react well to any HBC I've tried, and I don't have insurance right now to get on anything anyway.
IF the bleeding after taking EC wasn't a period, it should have come around the 16th, making me over a week late.
IF that bleeding was a "period", resetting my cycle, my period should be starting within the next few days here, making me not late yet.
I don't want to take a test if I don't need to, I've thought of just waiting until the first of June and testing then, just to be sure. But I also don't want to be pregnant and not taking care of myself the way I should be. I've had baby fever for 5 years now, and I also don't want to get my hopes up (it's not the right time yet, but I want to be a mom so badly). Can anyone help me out here? Does EC (the brand is Next Choice, if that matters) reset your schedule like this? Am I currently late, or not there yet? I've taken it before and not bled afterward and had my next period like normal.

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