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First Time Missed Period

I need this lovely community's advice. I am sort of on edge about this.
I am a 20 year old cisfemale, and for the month of May, have missed my period for the first time since I started my period. A little background on my cycle, it is usually unbearably heavy. I use overnight pads during the day to make myself comfortable (I'm gonna try to change to divacups soon!) and have mild cramping. My period also usually lasts anywhere from 7-9 days. I used to be on birth control (Loestrine) exactly a year ago but have stopped since I've been a little lazy to make an appointment to refill the prescription.
Now, I have missed my period for the first time this month (May) and it has me stressed out. I have never, ever, missed a period. I was worried I was pregnant but:
1. there was no penetration, just sort of dry humping ('cause I'm paranoid) but he did get some semen on my butt, which could have gotten into my vagina(?). This happened late April, probably around the 26th?
2. I've taken 3 pregnancy tests. 2 about a week ago which came out negative (I dipped the test in a cup of urine) and one yesterday which also came out negative (again, dipped it in a cup of urine).

My last period (that I recall) was April 7th but I'm not 100% sure. This situation has made me freak out so much I actually downloaded a menstruation app on my phone so I can track it because jeez, I've never been so scared. At least with an app, I can make sure its late/early.
I'm just at a loss. I guess it could be that I was a little stressed about finals but I've had times where I was a lot more stressed than this and I still had no problems with my period being regular.
I guess my questions are;

Can there be such a thing as a wrong reading on the pregnancy test? What are some signs of pregnancy? Can I do anything to make sure this does not happen again?

Also, I'm waiting until June 7th to contact my doctor for an exam. Since I'm not 100% sure when my period started/ended in April, June 7th would be a whole month, that I know for sure, I went without a period.

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