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Mirena: Sudden Period Disappearance + My Vagina Smells Weird

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Hi y'all -- So I've reached two years with my Mirena, which has thus far been a GREAT experience.  I got it to help manage my out-of-control periods and, while I still definitely had a period, it was way easier to cope with than previously.  I can actually sleep through the night and make it through a college lecture without bleeding through multiple forms of protection!  Woot!

My question is "Where is my period and why do I smell strange?"  According to the calendar, i should be having my period right now.  My period has stayed very, very regular on the Mirena, and it's been regular pretty much since I was 17...I'm now 35.  However, I had a couple of days of spotting (Sunday and Monday) and now?  No period.  My last period was completely normal for me, including the bleeding requiring super-absorbent tampons, etc. In other words, it didn't show signs of fading into oblivion.  In addition, at the moment I have a small amount of unusual-smelling discharge and overall just a sweatier-smelling crotch. I keep trying to figure out how to describe the smell -- I think it's mostly very metallic, and the discharge definitely tastes more metallic than usual.  My normal taste is ranges from practically non-existent to very salty mushrooms, so this is a new one. It also doesn't seem to change if I consume more water  I haven't been really aroused since having this problem, so I can't tell if producing lubrication changes the smell.

What do you think is up with this?  I could go to the clinic to get tested for BV, but it will take a few days to sort that out.  Also, I wouldn't really describe the odor as 'fishy,' which I think is what you typically get with BV. If I'm wrong, please let me know?

One possible explanation for the vanishing period is a massive increase in Vitamin E consumption.  I normally take about 1,000 mg of Vitamin E a day to help lighten my period, but in the past couple of weeks i've started eating a lot of chia seed.  Because it's high in Omega-3, I'm now up to about 3,000mg of Omega-3s a day.  I wonder if the elevated levels were what my body needed to respond to the Mirena like other folks who just lose their periods on it. But...still.  It's odd.  I guess it's also possible that the chia is changing my smell, but I've really only noticed it in the past couple of days.


NB: I've only had sex with condoms in the past month, and I took a pregnancy test and am not pregnant.  I'll retest in a few days just to be sure, but I don't think that's the explanation.

FOLLOWUP EDIT -- My period is here.  At least, I'm bleeding a bit more and the peculiar smell is gone. I think it (the period) heard me talking about it?  Or something?  My body is weird.  I eased up a bit on the chia and that might explain the change.

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