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AGUS cells, Colposcopy, Etc.

Hi all,

I was hoping you could help me understand what's going on and what questions I need to ask to be take care of my health. Hopefully I have all these details correct, I don't have a copy of my medical record (I do want to get one) but hopefully this is everything...

In summer 2010 I had my first abnormal pap smear. It showed up as atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance (ASC-US). I had a follow up pap that winter, and I believe that is said endocervical cells (I may be incorrect on the type of cells) were not present (they said cells they like to see on a pap smear didn't show up, it wasn't that there were atypical cells this time). They advised me to have another pap smear, which I did in June 2011. I did, and once again they found ASC-US. I had a colposcopy, which they said showed the best result possible.

I had a follow-up pap in January 2012. Normal. I had a follow-up pap in June 2012. Abnormal. They did another colpo and an endocervical curettage (ECC). My colpo they didn't find anything to worry about, but the ECC was concerning. Another abnormal pap smear in December (AGUS), they told me I'd need another colpo in May, which was today.

My doctor has been going over my case with a pathologist and another specialist (apparently he's one of the people that actually writes the guidelines for treatment nationally...) and they saying my results are "incongruent," with my pap is alternating between normal and abnormal and my colpo being normal and my ECC showing up with abnormal cells. If there are abnormal results this round, they will likely do a LEEP.

Anything I should know? Is there anything I should be asking my doctor? For the first time today, I read AGUS cells can (though rarely) be associated with cancer other than cervical cancer. Should I be asking for tests for other sorts of cancer (Ovarian, Fallopian, etc?).

I've really tried to stay sane about this all. I know cervical cancer is very slow moving, the chance of me having cervical cancer is very slim, and even if I did, it would most likely still be in the very early, treatable stages. However, the AGUS does scare me a little.

Any thoughts?

FWIW, I completed my Gardasil when I was 23. I'm 27 now.

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