~* (funkyfresh) wrote in vaginapagina,

delay period for wedding?

I think I did my math right, and if so, I'm set to get my period smack dab on my vacation in august. I get It ever 26-28 days and on August 6-13 I'm headed to California for my cousins wedding. Is REALLY like to have my period and be done with it by the 6th, after the 12/13th... but according to my calculations I could (WILL) get it anywhere between then. Other then birth control, is there any way to prevent these tragic events from occurring lol.. or if hbc Isthe only way, how can I assure that I don't get my period then? I've been on hbc before and hated the side effects but if it's only for one month I may be able to deal... please help! Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Here's a little more info: if my next 2 cycles are 26 days each, I'm set to get my period August 7-12. If they're all 27 days, I'll have it Aug 10-15. and if they're all 28 days (my last two were but who knows if it's a trend or what) I'd get it Aug 13-18 which is best case scenario but with my luck will be least likely. We are going to Cali August 6-13.

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