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After intercourse bleeding?

Ok, just some basics - i've only "been with" one guy, the guy i'm currently dating right now and he's been with other girls before me but gets tested for stds on the regular when he was "around", i take birth control at the same time every single day, i've never missed and only been late by MAX an hour (i'm obsessed) and i'm much too paranoid to even on top of that, have sex without a condom, so we're on birth control AND use condoms every time. Recently i started a new form of birth control. i used to be on a 3 month type, but now i'm on the kind that you get a period every month. but my obgyn told me that if i wanted, i could skip the sugar pills if i wanted to still have my 3 months regime, i was only planning on having a 2 month regime this time simply because my period would have started the first week of summer and i didn't want to be bloaty and gross feeling at the beach, so that means i'm on my 5th week of birth control pills on a pill pack that is "designed" for 3 weeks of birth control and then a placebo week. does that make sense? anyways! Earlier today we were having sex and it was like usual, tralala, and then after it was over i went to the bathroom and wiped and noticed some bright red blood coming out (only when i wiped, not dripping) of my vagina. it was about quarter sized at first and then i just stayed in the bathroom until it stopped bleeding which really didn't take but a few minutes. and since it didn't look like period blood, i just assumed that it might have been a cut/tear on the inside from something, i dont know. i dont remember the sex being particularly rough or that i was particularly dry or anything, but whatever. about an hour or two later, i went to the bathroom again and noticed brownish period-looking blood in my underwear. it was almost as if i had JUST started my period (i'm a week away from the placebo pills) it was not like brown mixed with discharge, it was brownish blood that you usually get in the beginning or end of a period. it was enough to cover the bottom of my underwear, but it appeared as if the "blood" had already stopped flowing since it didn't look too wet or anything. and that was the last that i saw of it.
i've never had spotting or breakthrough bleeding on birth control and i'm BEYOND paranoid. i'm just wondering what this could possibly be and if i need to get a morning after pill just in case?
sorry if i sound like a rambling mess, i dont want to worry myself sick thinking i'm pregnant or something of that nature if i don't need to, but i also would like to be as educated as possible. i can't seem to find any answers that sound like my situation.
thank you! xoxo

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