calyxia (calyxia) wrote in vaginapagina,

Cycle/Conception Questions

Hello all you fantastic VPers! Having a little confusion about my menstrual cycle, and hoping someone can help me out. So, I had my Mirena removed 4/19. I had it almost 4 years, it was awesome. I also haven't had a period since I got it, either, back in September 2009. I have also been on some kind of hormonal contraception since 1997. All that said, I had it removed in order to conceive. May 5, I was 99.9% sure I ovulated due to pain in the right ovarian side and cervical mucus at the time that was EWCM. I took a few pregnancy tests (dollar store cheapies as well as some EPT that were on sale), all negative, and got what I am pretty sure is my period, today. Which means that I was most likely right about 5/5 being ovulation, since this is 15 days later. (The reason I say "pretty sure" about my period, that is because it's REALLY really light, and I want to be all "implantation bleeding yay" but I'm 99% sure it's actually a period.) So, tests negative, fairly sure of ovulation...boils down to: when trying to plan via calendar and also various apps for this, it often wants to know your length of cycle. Well, I don't know for sure, as I have no "prior period" to use. Since the ovulation-to-period time was "average" (which we all know "average" doesn't mean jack), can I figure that it would likely be an entirely "average" cycle? Therefore, when should I theoretically expect to ovulate again, do you all think? I'm just trying to be proactive at this point, and I know it's not able to be predicted with total accuracy but any thoughts would be helpful. I've been reading and searching the web but I also know VP almost always has an answer or a place to look, at least. Thank you everyone!


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