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Sarah Marie

MMMMonday! Bra sizing (as a feminist issue).

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I stumbled upon this piece and thought it was a perspective that might be interesting to our members: Why I Believe Bra-Fitting is a Feminist Issue.

An excerpt:
"On a somewhat similar note, I feel bra sizing can play a huge role in body acceptance. I feel that accepting that you should wear (for example) a 30HH, rather than a 36DD, can be one of the biggest things you can do when it comes to accepting your body. Women are constantly told they need to be smaller, to be daintier, to take up less space, and bra sizing hasn’t escaped this."

If you want to share, what is your bra size? Have you always worn the correct size for you? What has your experience with bra sizing been like? How does bra size affect your feelings about your breasts? Do you agree that bra sizing is a feminist issue? You're invited to share any thoughts on the piece, these questions, or whatever in the comments!
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