monoso12 (monoso12) wrote in vaginapagina,

Bleeding Through on Nuvaring??

Has anybody out there had issues with bleeding through on the Nuvaring??   I started using the Nuvaring last August after terminating a pregnancy - so I haven't had a normal period since last June.  My normal periods were heavy and a bit chunky at times but my periods since starting have been more like the discharge after the abortion (dark, dry, minimal) and only last about 2-3 days (usually starting 2-3 days after I take it out and stopping the minute I insert the new ring at the end of the week)....until now.  Last week I started spotting the day before I was supposed to take it out and now, 3 days after putting in the new one, I'm still bleeding.  It's nowhere near as heavy or painful as my old/normal period, but I've had cramps and the blood is "fresher" (red, less dried out) than it's been since I started using the ring.  Is my body still adjusting to the abortion/birth control drama of last summer?  Is something else going on?  Should I take the ring out and just let my period go until it is done and start over in a week? 

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