tamberly (tamberly) wrote in vaginapagina,

brown discharge 2 weeks after period/unprotected sex

i am on the combined pill since the beginning of this year. last month instead of taking a break, i continued onto a new pack and about halfways through the new pack on tuesday 30 april i realised i forgot to take mondays pill and i got some brown discharge and light cramps so i decided to let my period come.

on saturday 4 may i started a new pack even though i still had my period and the whole 7 day break had not passed.

on sunday 5 may (my period was really light/pretty much gone) i had unprotected sex. i don't actually remember if he came inside me or not, i was extremely drunk and blacked out and only remember parts of it. please dont judge me on this i feel like i was sexually assaulted because he didnt stop when i asked and i already have a lot of guilt.

today, 13 days later, i have brown discharge and light cramps (which feel like period cramps) in my stomach. i actually have the cramps for the past 2 days but the discharge just started today.

should i be worried?

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