Crazy/Beautiful (poppy_shampoo) wrote in vaginapagina,

What causes false positive urinary pregnancy tests?

Several months ago I posted in here an "am I pregnant" type post. The short story is I became temporarily abstinent, went off oral birth control a day after having unprotected sex (oops?), then took a pregnancy test after not getting a period for 6 weeks. It was faintly positive after about 30 seconds (well within the time limit of the test). In the week after that test I took two more and they were both negative. A week after my first positive and subsequent negatives, I had a transvaginal ultrasound that showed an empty uterus. The gynecologist offered to give me a shot that would start my period, but I decided that my period would come naturally.

I didn't have a period until 5 months after ceasing the pill, and finally getting so frustrated that I went to a GP who prescribed an oral dose of progesterone for 10 days. That did the trick, which according to internet sleuthing, meant that I hadn't been ovulating.

I've heard false positives are incredibly rare in HPTs and are usually either evaporation lines if read after the time window of an accurate result, or caused by something going on in your body that causes hCG production. Because I had two negative results following my positive, I doubt the latter could have happened. So my question is, does anyone have information regarding faulty tests? Could I have been pregnant and my body absorbed the embryo?

It was a really emotional week and I feel like I've never really gotten closure... I apologize if this is not the right forum but I have found the community members here very knowledgeable and supportive!

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