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some kind of happiness is measured out in miles

skipping period with HBC for an event - how to time this?

Hello all! I'm on a 28-day pill (Aviane) and want to plan on skipping a period sometime soon in order to avoid being on the rag at Bonnaroo. Ordinarily I would be starting a placebo week tomorrow, but that means my next placebo week would line up with Bonnaroo. I typically start bleeding late in the day on Wednesday and continue through the following Monday or Tuesday. We'll be starting out on our Bonnaroo road trip on the morning of Wednesday, June 12th, and returning sometime during the day of Tuesday, June 18th.

Problem is, I've never tried skipping a period before, so I can't really predict exactly how my body will react to it.

As far as I can see, I've got three options:
1. Skip my upcoming placebo week and start a new pack tomorrow. I'll end up with my period right before Bonnaroo, so I'm a little concerned about it being heavier/longer than usual due to skipping this one.
2. Take these placebos as usual and then skip the placebo week that would fall on top of Bonnaroo. This seems risky since I could easily experience spotting or worse if my body decides it doesn't really want to skip a period.
3. Split the difference by skipping my upcoming placebo week, but then not taking a full three weeks of active pills - maybe take another one week of active pills, then a week of placebos, and then I would end up taking five weeks of actives after that. (Or vice versa - an extra two weeks now, then a placebo week, and then four weeks of actives.)

What are anybody's thoughts as to what would be my "safest" option?

Thanks so much!

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