tarantula (tarantula) wrote in vaginapagina,

White, watery discharge.

Hey everyone. My apologies if a similar question has been answered. If so, just direct me to the link. I didn't see anything soooo....

for the past three days I have been having white, extremely watery discharge. Lots of it. I can feel it coming out and sometimes it completely soaks my underwear so bad that I have to change them in the middle of the day. Also, when it dries on my underwear, it changes between white and yellow and makes my underwear "crunchy", which is really unusual for me.
There really isn't a "bad" odor; there is an odor, but it's a slightly stronger smell of what I usually smell like. (Not sure if this is a warning sign or not.)

A little background info that might help:
I'm 18, and in the past week I've slept with three different partners, two of which did not wear condoms (but also, neither of them were even close to ejaculating when we stopped).

I've never been to a gynecologist, which is the only reason I'm hesitant to go right away. What do you all think? What could this be, and should I go see one?

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