cinemaaa (cinemaaa) wrote in vaginapagina,

Condom failure.

My partner and I were having sex last night and we only use condoms as our birth control. I do not take hormonal pills or anything. The condom failed pretty epically. When he pulled out, I felt something drip on my thigh and immediately I knew we were fucked. He pulled out and the condom was inside my vagina still hanging out sort of, and there was semen on my genitals, lots of it. I don't know if the semen got inside my vagina. Maybe. We don't know how it possibly slipped off. We are SO responsible and use condoms perfectly every single time

I am sure I ovulated a few days ago. I'd bet a lot of money on that. I had stretchy cervical mucus, higher libido, etc. Yesterday was day 18 of my cycles which are usually 29 days long.
I am expecting my period May 19.

can someone give me any insight? I don't know if I will become pregnant. I sure hope not. I have decided against Plan B because it seems to prevent ovulation, and I am certain I HAVE ovulated. However I know there is a small chance of pregnancy.

Sorry if this post is hard to follow or confusing. I'm exhausted and Ive been travelling all day.

thanks a lot!

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