ld_8212 (ld_8212) wrote in vaginapagina,

recurring vulva redness & irritation

For the last 6 months, I've been suffering from vulvar redness and irritation (and what feels like inflammation), no itchiness or discharge. It seems to be only external, as the inside of the vagina is light pink and healthy looking. It's basically just the skin around the area inside the labia that looks irritated and "angry". Some days worse than others, and sometimes it gets lighter pink and healthy looking, but usually not for long. Sometimes it hurts to sit and exercising or moving around too much irritates the area even more it seems. Sex is sometimes painful at times, which sucks because me and my husband have recently started trying to conceive. I've been to doctors, gyn's and naturopaths and I can't seem to figure out the culprit. I know it's not yeast as I've been treated for that and nothing has changed. I've switched to scent free laundry detergent for my underwear, and I don't use any soap down there. It does seem to get worse before & after my period. Could it be my diet? Could sugar be the culprit? I do have a sweet tooth, but considering I didn't think it was yeast, I wasn't sure if that mattered. I've been trying to eat alot of fruit and veges just to prep my body for pregnancy and just to be more healthy in general. I guess I'm just frustrated and not sure where to turn. My husband is supportive, but I know he's getting tired of hearing me complain about the same thing all the time. None of my friends can relate because they've never experienced anything like this, and even my doctors don't seem to know what to tell me. They just keep prescribing creams. Anyone had anything like this happen before? I'm super frustrated :( Thanks in advance!
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