estrellafugaz85 (estrellafugaz85) wrote in vaginapagina,

Pelvic pain during sex?

Hey everyone,

I've been having this issue for a few years now. I thought it had gone away, but it seems to be back. Basically, I get this intermittent pelvic pain, generally on either side of my abdomen where (I think) my ovaries are.

It started a few years ago as a kind of mild 'pulling' sensation. I'd just get it every now and then, while walking around or whatever. It concerned me because my GP had treated me for 'maybe chlamydia' a few years earlier (loooong story - I had lots of discharge, she thought it could be chlamydia and treated me without testing, which means I didn't know and will never know if I had it or not) and I've worried since that I may have had PID. Later that year, the same year the pain started, I went to the clinic to get checked out because I seemed to have a neverending yeast infection. The doctor gave me a pelvic exam and as I found it quite painful, he decided I had PID and gave me antibiotics. I was totally freaked out by this. I was later told by a doctor in the same clinic that it was unlikely I'd had PID and that it was probably just irritation, but I was referred for an ultrasound to investigate. The ultrasound was clear except for polycystic ovaries - something I didn't know I had. I've had further ultrasounds which have concluded that there's nothing abnormal there, as far as they know, except for my ovaries being polycystic and larger than normal.

So everything was fine for quite a while, but lately, I've been having pain during sex. The most recent time, when my partner entered me, I felt quite sharp pain on the right hand side which lasted for a few thrusts and then went away. The rest of the sex was painless and fine, but I had some cramp-type pain afterwards in the same area.

Any idea what it could be? Can PCO cause pain? I've asked my doctors and they never seem to be very clear about it. It would 'make sense' if it were the PCO, as the pain seems to be on either side of my abdomen and I know that my ovaries are enlarged.

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