colors_to_ashes (colors_to_ashes) wrote in vaginapagina,

Many multiple orgasms for the first time...

This is a really weird question and I'm terribly embarrassed to ask it, but I tend to worry about ridiculous things, so please bear with me.

I enjoy masturbating, and on a good night can have a good solid 3-4, with maybe 20-30 minutes in between them. Recently I was away on a trip and had no privacy, so went a while longer than usual without. When I got home, I was pretty horny, so I went at it with my vibe (a Mystic Wand from Wonderful thing, that).

And uh, for the first time pretty much ever, I had multiple multiples... and a lot of them, with very little effort. I was around 11 or so before I stopped keeping track, with just a minute or two in between. All of this in under an hour.

Sounds great, and it was, but now I'm finding myself stressing about the whole thing, ridiculously enough. Why the sudden change? Should I be concerned about some kind of hormonal change or disorder? Or should I just shut up and enjoy it?

Has anyone else experienced something similar coming on so soon? I'm 26, cis-female, not a virgin, never been pregnant, and no significant health issues, if any of that makes a difference.

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