supersquib (supersquib) wrote in vaginapagina,

Pulsing feeling deep in my vagina

Hello! This is my first post here and I feel a little weird so please bear with me uwu

Anyways, my question is about a feeling I get in my vagina- like, deep in there. Almost like in the pit of my stomach. And it feels a little like when I'm on a roller coaster and my stomach "drops." Except, wow, it feels way better. It's involuntary, too, and seems like a sort of contraction or  pulse, like the kind people describe when they're describing orgasms. But it's obviously not that. It's really short. Usually it happens when I'm daydreaming or fantasizing about something (and it's usually in class, haha).

I guess it's just being turned on but- woah. It's unreal. Like nothing I've felt before. (I don't think I've actually had an orgasm yet. What I usually feel when I masturbate is kind of intense pressure concentrated in my clit, and a huge increase in sensitivity, so much so that it hurts to go on! It feels good but it's kind of... not what people describe.)

Anyways. This feels nothing like that sensation- instead, it's like a wave of warmth emanating from the pit of my stomach (or somewhere deep deep in my vagina where, no matter how hard I clench to try to recreate the sensation, nothing happens) outwards, like a shiver or something. Like how I'd imagine an orgasm to be except an orgasm would probably be way more intense. And longer. And actually involve touching.

This was really long. Sorry about that. I guess I'm rambling. My main point is- wow, what is this, and why does it feel so different? Do other people get this, too? What's causing it? Is it really just being turned on? And, Jesus Christ, how can I make it happen more often or recreate the feeling because, dang, it only happens a few times a month and usually only during a certain window of time (ovulation, maybe?)

Okay, yeah. Sorry this got so long. Thanks for any answers!

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